Services include:

• Psychological opinion for the purpose of Expert Witness testimony within family law. • Training to professionals who work with vulnerable children across the legal system, health, education, social services, voluntary and private sectors. • Consultation to organisations seeking to understand and manage adults, children and young people affected by trauma. • Psychological therapy for a range of psychological difficulties across children, young people and adults.

Dr Chris Burke

Dr Christopher Burke is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist who began working as a Psychologist in 1997 and as a Clinical Psychologist in 2003. He has pre and post doctorate qualification experience working in both the NHS and the private sector with adults and children experiencing psychological distress. Chris spent seven years working at the Centre for the Vulnerable Child, a specialist NHS service for traumatised children. He has completed extensive continuing professional development including a post-graduate diploma entitled Therapeutic Skills with Children and Young People.

Along with his colleague Dr Anne Woodhouse, Chris developed the Safe and Meaningful Contact Guidelines to identify whether the contact system (child, carer and birth parent) is being supported to achieve safe and meaningful direct contact for the child. Chris provides training to legal decision-makers, practitioners working with looked after children and caregivers (such as adopters, kinship carers, special guardians, and foster carers) to develop understanding of the benefits and risks associated with what contact means to the child.

In his capacity as an expert witness Chris has undertaken numerous medico-legal reports and is experienced at providing evidence in court. As well as assessing and treating a range of psychological problems in children, young people and adults, Chris provides consultation and supervision to professionals seeking to understand the psychological needs of their clients.